Welcome to our town...Naper, Nebraska

Two early settlers, R. R. Naper and George Hotaling, each relinquished 40 acres of their homesteads for a townsite. Over the past thirteen decades people came, businesses were formed, schools were built, and lives were lived. And Naper remains today the home of proud people who love their community.

Naper Nebraska Then and Now

We also love our history. In 2003 the Naper Historical Society was formed to celebrate our heritage and preserve today's news for Naper's future generations.

The Historical Society purchased the Catholic Church and developed Heritage Hall Museum as a place to display school photos, family histories, Naper 28 memorabilia and other Naper-related historical items. It was opened to the public May 28, 2004.

The original Naper jail was moved into town and dedicated June 12, 2004.

August 8, 2004, a monument to the Naper 28 airmen was dedicated at Knoll Crest Cemetery.

After hundreds of hours of volunteer labor, the White Horse Ranch Museum was opened to the public Memorial Day weekend, 2008.

The two museums, the jail, and the Naper 28 memorial at Knoll Crest Cemetery are all available to the public. Stop in sometime!

So, we hope you enjoy our website...it tells the story of our town told from those early settlers to today's residents.

Yours very truly,

The Board of the Naper Historical Society