Naper High School Bears Boys Track & Field

YearTeam Results *2State Meet ScoringIndividual Results *2
(Top Five/Six finishers only)
1958Tied 42nd1 pointKen Katzer - 5th Mile Run
1959Tied 19th4 pointsKen Katzer - 2nd Mile Run
(Don Lewton, Republican City, won - 4:43)
1967Tied 12th8 pointsLarry Ahlers - 2nd High Jump
(Bob Beecham, Palmyra, won - 6'1-1/4")
Mile Relay - 2nd *4
(Wes Fuhrer, Dennis Gentele, Larry Ahlers, & Bill Peppel - 3:31.8 minutes)
(Culbertson won - 3:30.9)
1970Tied 36th2 pointsDennis Katzer - 4th Two Mile Run
1971Tied 14th6 pointsDennis Katzer - 3rd Two Mile Run
1972Tied 15th6 points Eldon Vogt - 1st Mile Run, 4:32.6
1973Tied 16th12 pointsEldon Vogt - 2nd Two Mile Run
(Ron Storant, Humboldt, won - 10:04.5)
Two Mile Relay - 4th
(Steve Ahlers, Dwight Fuhrer, Barry Sieh, Eldon Vogt)
1975Tied 40th2 pointsGordon Vogt - 5th Mile Run
1976Tied 19th8 pointsTwo Mile Relay - 2nd
(Richard Ahlers, John Bentzen, David Schmitz, & Gordon Vogt)
(Humphrey won - 8:23)
1977Tied 46th2 pointsGordon Vogt -5th Mile Run
1979Tied 43rd2 pointsBryon Vogt - 6th 440 Yard Dash
Kevin Blum - 6th Two Mile Run
1981Tied 20th11 points - Jeff Ulmer - Tied 3rd Pole Vault
Lyndon Vogt - 4th 1600 Meter Run
Lyndon Vogt - 5th 3200 Meter Run
1982Tied 20th10 pointsLyndon Vogt - 1st 1600 Meter Run, 4:36.7
19845th Place24 pointsJacques Davison, 1st 100 Meter Dash, 11.13
Jacques Davison, 1st 200 Meter Dash, 22.48
Jacques Davison, 4th Long Jump

NOTE: The NSAA adopted meters to replace yards for all running events beginning in 1980.

EventRecord HolderRecordYearNote
100 Yard DashJacques Davison10.1 seconds*6(91.44 meters)
100 Meter DashJacques Davison11.0 seconds1984(109.36 yards)
200 Meter DashJacques Davison22.4 seconds1983(218.72 yards)
220 Yard DashJacques Davison22.3 seconds*6(201.17 meters)
400 Meter DashBryon Vogt51.6 seconds*7(437.45 yards)
440 Yard DashBryon Vogt51.9 seconds1979(402.34 meters)
800 Meter RunLyndon Vogt2:03.3 minutes1982(874.89 yards)
880 Yard RunLyndon Vogt2:06.2 minutes*7(804.67 meters)
1600 Meter RunEldon Vogt4:30.8 minutes*7(.994 miles)
Mile RunEldon Vogt4:32.6 minutes 1972(1609.34 meters)
3200 Meter RunKevin Blum10.04.2 minutes*7(1.988 miles)
Two Mile RunKevin Blum10:07.9 minutes1979(3218.69 meters)
120 YD High HurdlesGregg Honke15.9 seconds1972(109.73 meters)
110 M High HurdlesGregg Honke16.0 seconds*7(120.30 yards)
180 YD Low HurdlesLarry Ahlers21.4 seconds1967(164.59 meters)
Bill Peppel21.4 seconds1967
300 M Inter. HurdlesJeff Ulmer42.1 seconds1981(328.08 yards)
High JumpRandy Vogt5'11"1979
Long JumpJacques Davison21'2-1/2"1984
Triple JumpKeith Cline42'3"1979
Pole VaultJeff Ulmer12'6"1981
Shot PutRon Blezek46'6"1966
DiscussWillie Sieh132'0"1981
400 Meter RelayJared Blum, Richard, Blum, Hoyt Cline, & Jacques Davison46.7 seconds1984
800 Meter Relay (See 880 YD Relay)1:36.6 minutes*7(874.89 yards)
880 Yard RelayLarry Ahlers, Dennis Gentele, Dennis Schmitz, & Bill Peppel1:37.3 minutes1967
1600 Meter Relay(See Mile Relay)3:31.6 minutes*7(.994 miles)
Mile Relay *4 Larry Ahlers, Wesley Fuhrer, Dennis Gentele, & Bill Peppel3:31.8 minutes1967
3200 Meter Relay(See 2 Mile Relay)8:26.4 minutes*7(1.988 miles)
Two Mile RelayRichard Ahlers, John Bentzen, David Schmitz, & Gordon Vogt8:29.6 minutes1976

*0 - No records could be found to indicate Naper competed in track & field before 1957 and the NSAA has no record of any Naper High School athlete placing in the State Track Meet before 1958. Baseball was the primary NHS Spring sport prior to 1957.

*1 - Naper High School closed after the 1987-1988 school year consolidating with Spencer to become Spencer-Naper in 1988.

*2 - Results from> track-field> History&Records> Boys> ClassD and relay team members from Naper High School "Bear Facts" Yearbooks (1957-1988)

[NOTE: Nebraska awarded five places for teams and all individual events through 1972 (6-4-3-2-1 points) and awarded six places for teams and all individual events since 1973 (10-8-6-4-2-1 points)]

*3 - Team either did not place or qualify anybody for the State meet.

*4 - The 1967 team set a Nebraska State record for the mile relay at the State track meet only to have it broken by Culbertson in the final heat of the same State meet.

*5 - Record Performances from the Naper High School Track and Field Records Boards archived at the Naper Historical Society Museum (old Catholic Church) in Naper, from Naper High School "Bear Facts" Yearbooks (1957-1988), NSAA archives, and from NHS Alumni.

{NOTE: The Naper High School Record Board may contain a few errors that will be corrected in this document.]

*6 - Actual Meters time converted to Yards time for counterpart distances run prior to 1980.

*7 - Actual Yards times converted to Meters times for counterpart distances run after 1979.

Highlighted results are school State meet record performances and/or wins

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