The Naper Paper

The first issue of the Naper Paper was published in the Fall of 2003, much to the surprise of almost everyone in the community. The Naper Historical Society had been formed a few months earlier promising, among other things, to publish a quarterly "newspaper" focusing on the town's history and recent news.

Well, this first issue was a huge success! The feature story was about the Naper 28 plane crash. Other stories brought news about local churches, the school house, and recent events in town. Over time the paper brought on regular columnists, chief among them Ol' Homesteader (recent news) and Circuit Rider (interviews with local residents). The paper was sent free of charge to everyone in Naper and to anyone, anywhere with a tie to Naper, past or present. It is supported by donations. You will find links below to every issue of the Naper Paper from inception. They are listed in the order published, though the dates seasons/quarters) can be misleading.

Current Issue

#79 Spring 2024: Number Please, How To Identify Ranchers, District 44 Story, Piano Tuner, Butchering, Ludemann, Ambulance, Old Homesteader, Letters

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Index to Naper Paper Issues/Articles
Past Issues in the Order They Were Published

#1 Fall 2003: Historical Society formed; Naper 28; closing of Naper School; Naper Churches; old sayings

***Every subsequent issue has Letters to the Paper, Ol’ Homesteader and Circuit Rider

#2 Winter 2003/4: Naper Historical Society News; 1890 pre-Naper; first Circuit Rider interview – Albert Allpress; sports

#3 Spring 2004: Naper Jail; Catholic Church Museum; Marguerite Rockholm Ludemann interview; memories of Naper School; growing up in Naper

#4 Summer 2004: Heritage Hall Opens; Naper 28 ceremony; Adolph Schultz interview; new businesses; Naper Jail dedicated

#5 Fall 2004: Naper 28 monument dedication; John Schonebaum interview; Naper Super Service history; 1900 census

#6 Winter 2004/5: Blakkolb Store; Janet Cerny Sattler interview; Russians immigration; 100 years ago

#7 Summer 2005: Tornado 1962; Naper Historical Society donation to firemen; Christina Kulm Windmeyer interview; Alumni Banquet; mail delivery

#8 Fall 2005: Doug Martin; Camin farm; Albert Nicolaus interview; Naper Historical Society news; Drug Store, Covered dishes; Storm Cloud (Naper 28)

#9 Winter 2005/6: Elsie Wentz interview; Naper’s Future; Town Night; hardware stores; Mom’s Pet Goose; Schock farm

#10 Spring 2006: Early Life at the Point; Sattler farm; Irene Weickum interview; Alumni Banquet pictures; Naper Historical Society news; Town Night; Pete Wilhelmsen blacksmith

#11 Summer 2006: White Horse Ranch memorabilia; Farm & Home Telephone Co; Albert Holmgren interview; Hoyt Ranch; Sam Hoyt’s trip up the Niobrara; family reunions

#12 Fall 2006: Naper Historical Society news; Iona's Beauty Shop; Violet Sieh Stahlecker interview; John Schonebaum 96th birthday; Atkinson Homestead; When I Was Young

#13 Winter 2006/7: Naper Bank Robbed, Manfred Peterson interview; Wayne Anderson; Allpress Farms; Autographs

#14 Fall 2007: Remembering Veterans (Richard Stanek); Clinton Reber interview; Alumni Banquet; Dan Duffy; Almon Adam

#15 Winter 2007-8: How My Father Escaped From Russia (Frieda Fischer); Clarence Mayer interview; Winter Storms; Goose On the Sattler Farm; Claus Vogt farm; Adrianne in the "Naperhood"

#16 Spring 2008: Remembering Veterans (George Alexander, Marvin Stahlecker); Lovera Peterson Reber interview; Schoenefeld Farm; White Horse Ranch Museum work; BRAN Riders; Brocksburg; Alumni Banquet

#17 Summer 2008: Alfred H. Camin story; Grace Schultz interview; Albert Allpress 100th birthday; autographs; Stan McLaughlin; Rockholm-Ludemann-Anderson Farm; The Way It Used To Be; White Horse Ranch Museum; Ode to the Naper Town Hall; You Might Be From Naper If…

#18 Fall 2008: Naper Library; Mabel Fontaine Rothschild interview; Bon Voyage and
Good Flight; Fee Homestead; Remember When; Season of Joy; Even More Uses for Sacks

#19 Winter 2008/9: Snakes Alive!; Alford Farm; Verlyn Sieh; Bruce Ahlers; Remember When; Alumni Banquet and Memorial Day pictures; The First & Last Picture Show

#20 Spring 2009: Rural Water District; Windmeyer Farm; Walter Serr; Fred Herrmann Story Part 1; Guess What; Remember When; School picture

#21 Fall 2009: Murder of Caroline Holton; Russell Reber interview; Fred and Mary Herrmann’s Story; Graves Family story; Naper 28 update

#22 Winter 2009/10: First National Bank of Naper; Avis Daldorf Breyer interview; Where in the World Are We? (part 1)

#23 Spring 2010: Ghosts of Naper; Frieda Ahlers Voll interview; Joe and Catherine Becker story; Alumni Banquet; Where in the World Are We? (part 2)

#24 Summer 2010: Dance at Milk’s Camp; Vernelle Peppel Kibby interview; Rudolph and Zelma Becker story; Where in the World Are We? (part 3)

#25 Fall 2010: New Sign; Bob Rowan interview; Anton and Mavis Becker Hambeck story; Where in the World Are We? (part 4)

#26 Winter 2010/11: Library News; Town Pasture; Gaynell Rockholm Keller interview (part 1); Christian Kulm story; Rebekah Lodge; Where in the World Are We? (part 5)

#27 Spring 2011: Chief Yellow Horse; Gaynell Rockholm Keller interview; Alumni Banquet; Cemetery stories; Cruise Night

#28 Summer 2011: Albert Daldorf and truck; Jon Dyer interview; Bruce Mills; Maylon Kern story; Rural School review

#29 Fall 2011: The Wright Way to Build a House; Florence Wetzler Porter; Letters from the Boys in the War; Winston D. Stahlecker story; Grand Rapids Bridge

#30 Summer 2012: Naper Updates; Hazel Cady Blake Memoirs (part 1); Crossing the River; What’s Goin’ On?; Who’s Here?

#31 Fall 2012: The Rock, Hazel Cady Blake Memoirs (part 2); Nathalie Sattler Taranto; Alumni Banquet

#32 Winter 2012/13: Naper Website; Threshing Time; Chuck Hermsen; Travis Heermann; When?

#33 Spring 2013: Lions Club Story; Travis Heermann; Irene Fischer Garrison; Hangin’ Out in Naper

#34 Summer 2013: When You Call 911; Helen Cerny Putnam; Main Street 1910; Anoka Jail; Clotheslines

#35 Fall 2013: Naper Main Street; Artie Martins; Cruise Night; Alumni photos; White Horse Ranch Memories

#36 Winter 2013/14: Heritage Hall; Dan Duffy; Dr. Zimmerman; Library; Holiday Hints

#37 Spring 2014: Church bell; Betty Wilhelmsen Fast; Blakkolb Store; Lucia Augusta Pearsall Leslie; Paul Honke

# 38 Summer 2014: Naper School; Alberta Boucher Breyer; Small House; Dennis Green poems; Louis and Marge Kortmeyer

#39 Fall 2014: Lost Airmen (Naper 28); Boucher family; Donations; Alumni Banquet; Naper on TV

#40 Winter 2014/15: Naper “Barrelcast”; Naper on TV; Vivian Schock Alexander; Clotheslines; School teachers’ history; More Hazel Blake

#41 Spring 2015: Remembering Veterans; Winston Stahlecker; Ponca Creek Flood; Growing up in Naper; Methodist Sing-Along

#42 Summer 2015: Hainosaurus Neumilleri; Joyce Blakkolb; Outlaw Trail; Becoming a Local; News from 1901

#43 Fall 2015: Vietnam Wall; Local author; Herman and Betty Neumiller; Ramona Bentzen; Alumni Banquet

#44 Winter 2015/16: Milks Camp Pow-Wow; Amanda Schochenmaier; Remember the Bench;
Delma Dalldorf Turgeon; George Kramer

#45 Spring 2016: Earl Stahlecker; Amanda Schochenmaier; Adamae Vaughn Moody; Minnie Weickum Wentz; Travis Heermann

#46 Summer 2016: Boyd County Education; Albert and Doris Brown Dalldorf; Fire of 1942; Thibaults

#47 Fall 2016: Tornado of 1901; Duke Stahlecker; How Good is Your Memory; Loren Sieh’s Sting; Alumni Banquet; Sam and Katherine Statsman

#48 Winter 2016/17: Marvin Liewer Cabin; Leonard and Thelma Schmitz; Basin Weather; Dances

#49 Spring 2017: Early Rock and Roll; Lester Neumiller; Naper’s 125th Birthday; Remember When; Farm Pickups

#50 Summer 2017: Naper Celebration; Harvey and Pauline Davis; Mildred Zink Lechtenberg; Pet Crow; Marge Saiser poem

#51 Fall 2017:  Getting The Alumni Association Going, Alumni Banquet Pictures,Index Issues 31-50, Zink Family, Lyle Fuhrer

#52 Winter 2017: New Siding, New Website, Another Crow Story, Pioneer family, Girls Trip

#53 Spring 2018: 1967 Basketball Game, Wilma Rockholm, Luree Barns, Ranch Management Tips, Mello-Tones, Ol’ Homesteader, Letters

# 54 Summer 2018: Softball, 1983 Fire, Post Office Retirements, Hall of Fame, Ol' Homesteader, Lots More

# 55 Fall 2018: VFW Post 8256, Alumni Banquet, Lovera’s Neighbors, Hairstyles, Lots More

# 56 Winter 2018: Auxiliary To Vfw Post 8256, Library 10 Years Old, It’S A Runaway!, Veteran’S Visit School, Confirmation Class, Naper High 1946-47, Pheasants Photo

#57 Spring 2019: Ponca Creek Churches, Who Is Axell?, From Walking To Semis!, Some Were Dancing, Little Boy Lost, Rookie Calving, Letters

#58 Summer 2019: What Are Duckpins? Flood Pictures, NHS News From 1944 And 1945, What’s For Dinner? Nebraska Counties, Ol’ Homesteader, Letters

#59 Fall 2019: Memorial Address and Photos, Alumni Banquet, Exchange Student, Houses That Emma Cleaned, Ol' Homesteader, Letters

#60 Winter 2019: District 49, Smith Family, Velva June Blum, Old Photos, Autos For Sale, Ol’ Homesteader, Letters

#61 Spring 2020: More Of District 49, Other School Memories. Safety First, Miracles Of The Covered Dishes, Back In The Day, Ol' Homesteader, Letters

#62 Summer 2020: Remember 1966-1967, New Looks In Naper, Anoka School, White Horse Ranch, Kortmeyer Family, Dr. Philip Holmgren, Ol’ Homesteader, Letters

#63 Summer 2020: Park Improvement Project, Corn Crib Café, Cream Station, Class Rings, Class Pictures, Ol’ Homesteader, Letters

#64 Winter 2020: And On Main Street, Claus And Daisy Vogt, Class Of 1970, Philip Saxmo, Garry And Roma Jeffords, Vfw Auxiliary, Ol’ Homesteader, Letters

#65 Spring 2021: Niobrara River Bridge, George And Annie Sieh, Box Socials, Museum Tour, Alumni Banquet, Ol’ Homesteader, Letters

#66 Summer 2021: Bridge Work, Sattler Farm, Ludemann Story, Halls To Auditorium, Carl Cunningham, Ol’ Homesteader, Letters

#67 Winter 2021: Bridge Pictures, Angel Guijarro, Zimmerman Drug Store, Jake and Lydia Schmidt, Sod House, Ol Homesteader, Letters

#68 Spring 2022: German/Russians, Otto Bentzen, Save Boyd County, Alumni Banquet, Ol Homesteader, Letters

#69 Summer 2022: History Of NHS Sports, Lost Child, Evelyn Tanner, Repatriation Of Zimmerman Artifacts, Ol Homesteader, Letters

#70 Fall 2022: Border Crossings, Naper High Sports, Tokens, Alumni Banquet, Ol Homesteader, Letters

#71 Spring 2023: Rock On!, Wild Rose School, Held The Thief!, Crop Circles, Erickson Tintype, Ol’ Homesteader, Letters

#72 Summer 2023: Naper Historical Society History, District 44 Memories, Frieda Ahlers, The Way It Used To Be, Naper School, Ol’ Homesteader, Letters

#77 Autumn 2023: Four Leaf Clover/Other Gifts, Robert E. Nesbitt, • State Line Monuments, Alumni Banquet, Ol’ Homesteader, Letters

#78 Winter 2023: Neighbor Helping Neighbor, Library Notes, “Sweet” Memories, New Ambulance Equipment, Tintypes, Old Homesteader, Letters

#79 Spring 2024: Number Please, How To Identify Ranchers, District 44 Story, Piano Tuner, Butchering, Ludemann, Ambulance, Old Homesteader, Letters